Malta celebrates its 120th Anniversary

  • L to R, sitting: Srs. Carmela Deguara, Pauline Curmi, Helen Curmi L to R, standing: Srs. Carmen Valentino, Mariella Agius, Marie Scicluna, Rena Debono, Juliette Vassallo, Katie MIfud Sr. Josephine Dimech is not in the photo.

The province of Malta has created a commemorative video for its 120th anniversary, celebrating the main developments and events in the Society’s educative mission, its communities, and its governance. The video includes the impact of World War I, World War II, and Vatican II. It finally addresses the present situation, the province’s diminishment, and how they are looking forward in hope towards the future.

On August 13, 1903, seven RSCJ of six different nationalities, and speaking no common language, stepped on the shores of Malta to establish the Society of the Sacred Heart on the island. The 10 RSCJ in Malta celebrated the 120th anniversary of this event with a thanksgiving Mass held on Friday, August 18, at 6.00 p.m. The Mass was held in the Infirmary community chapel at Tal-Virtù and was said by Fr. Johnathan Farrugia, whose mother was a nurse for the community for a number of years. It was a simple Mass, to which only those working directly for us at different levels were invited. 

After Mass they gathered in the refectory for a get together, with food lovingly made by Josephine and Marita, their much-appreciated domestic helpers. Below is a photo taken at the end of Mass. One sister is not in the photo – she attends the morning Mass but rests after lunch.

120th Anniversary of the Society of the Sacred Heart in Malta